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Transparent, risk focused strategies designed to provide better risk-adjusted exposure relative to long-only investments.

Actively risk-managed alternative investment strategies designed to make challenging asset classes easier to own.

IDX strategies can be deployed via separately managed accounts (SMAs) for institutional investors only. Please inquire with IDX Investor Relations via email at to lean more.

Direct Indexing is the next evolution in the investing landscape.  Originally referred to as “the Great Unwrapping“, Direct Indexing should no longer just be thought of as a technology that gives investors the ability to invest directly into indices without going through the ETF structure but is also the technology that allows investors to dynamically navigate the ETP landscape in a way that would have been unwieldy and/or cost-prohibitive historically.  

Consider the following 2 examples of direct indexing, which not only highlight the benefits for the investor, but also demonstrates the added value an Advisor can provide it clients:

Tax Optimization: An advisor has several clients (ranging in account size from $1M to $100M) each of whom is invested in a slightly different Large Cap Value index tailored specifically to suit them. For instance, one client has an ESG filter while another has a cap on Utilities.  Each client’s exposure, in addition to being customized, is also rebalanced according to how it fits within the rest of their portfolio and tax-loss harvested in order to maximize performance based on their specific situation.

Risk-Management: An advisor uses a “Turnkey Asset Management Platform” (TAMP) to run models for his clients. Because of the environment and expectations going forward, the advisor wants to begin allocating to diversified commodities exposures but does not want to use a passive, long-only ETP. As a result, the advisor selects a third party manager that specializes in providing tactical exposures across the Barclays iPath commodity ETNs. For the advisor, it’s as simple as “allocating” to this model which, because of the direct indexing technology provided by the TAMP, is now virtually indistinguishable from allocating to an ETF….except this one is actively managed.