The IDX Dynamic Innovation Strategy [DYNI] seeks capital appreciation through exposure to technology and innovation ETFs while maintaining the ability to rotate into defensive equity ETFs.

Using robust and empirically-validated academic principles for navigating volatile asset classes, DYNI seeks to position investors ahead of the innovation curve.

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Investment Case for Dynamic Innocation

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Focus on Innovation—With a Needed Dose of Risk Management

MAR 7, 2024

Reasons to Invest


Innovation is at the core of the global economy, DYNI offers the ability to invest for the future while managing the risks of today.


Dynamic exposure to growth and innovation with the ability to rotate into defensive ETF exposures based on market conditions.


Systematically navigate from Technology and Innovation all the way to US Large Cap Low Volatility while maintaining 100% equity exposure over time.

Strategy objective

The IDX Dynamic Innovation strategy seeks capital appreciation via exposure to the “Innovation” ecosystem of ETFs while seeking to mitigate downside using “Defensive” ETFs.


No, this strategy only holds ETFs.

No, this strategy is fully invested in equity ETFs at all times.

This strategy will typically hold between 3 and 5 ETFs at any point in time.